Trees Make Gail Brown Feel More Vital

While I was getting Legacy of Trees ready for editing prior to reaching out to traditional publishers, I asked my friends how they felt about trees. Here is what my friend Gail Brown had to say. She used to live in Vancouver’s West End, near Stanley Park, as I still do.

Motivation to walk for physical fitness became walks for my mental and emotional well-being. I thrived on those trails where I was surrounded and embraced by trees. Huge trees, small trees, big bushy trees, sculpted trees, fragrant trees, old trees, and newly planted trees. I didn’t need to know the scientific or familiar name for each tree to derive the simple pleasure of experiencing them. I’d come home feeling more vital and happier emotionally.

Here’s a photo I took east of Brockton Oval in Stanley Park. I think you might enjoy it, Gail. A Pacific madrone and a bigleaf maple emerge from the same patch of ground.

Gail moved away from Vancouver (via first Mexico and then Edmonton). She now describes herself as “happy to be growing old disgracefully in Victoria.”

Enjoy the trees in Beacon Hill Park, Gail.

If I were to add to my contribution, I would add the visual delight of the numerous shades of green. How could I have missed that as a huge part of the joy of being washed by trees?

Gail Brown, by email, October 5, 2019

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