EMPOWER Your Inner Author

Designed to assist bloggers, journalists, and writers become authors, my new book, EMPOWER Your Inner Author: You Can Write a Book, will be available in May. The interior design of this self-published book is currently underway.

At 40,000 words (the paperback is just over 200 pages), EMPOWER Your Inner Author is laid out so that you can write directly in its pages. This guide book for potential authors will take you through the various steps every author takes.

Here are these steps (not necessarily in the order you might do them), spelling the acronym: EMPOWER.

E ~ Editing, in this case, self-editing

M ~ Marketing

P ~ Publishing

O ~ Offering others a place on your team

W ~ Writing

E ~ Editing, in this case, outside editing

R ~ Reading

I’ve already self-published the companion piece to EMPOWER Your Inner Author, which is You’ve Written Your Book: Next Steps, available on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca and Smashwords, and described further on this website. In fact, You’ve Written Your Book: Next Steps is a free gift to every purchaser of EMPOWER Your Inner Author. The password is inside your copy of the book, EMPOWER Your Inner Author.

Here are two more free PDFs that will help you move from writer to author. They are in the paperback of EMPOWER Your Inner Author, but you might like to print them if you buy the ebook. Again, you will need the password that is inside your copy of the book, EMPOWER Your Inner Author.

Check on my Amazon Author Central page in June for more details about EMPOWER Your Inner Author.