Atta Arghandiwal

Atta Arghandiwal is the author of Immigrant Success Planning: A Family Resource Guide.

He can be reached through his website: Atta Arghandiwal.

Immigrant Success Planning is a condensed lifestyle guidebook geared toward immigrants and refugees to North America—a road map, if you will, filled with the best practices and how-to action items. This guide is the product of years of knowledge, real life practices, and proven ideas. It was developed based on core principles of and input from various groups of immigrants that Atta Arghandiwal met from all walks of life, including parents, students, teachers, social services experts, entrepreneurs; in short, anyone who had best practices to share.

“In order to publish the best possible comprehensive resource guide for immigrants of North America, I ran into a really tight time line after editing with last-step actions including proofreading. I was frankly apprehensive about timely proofreading in light of a heavy workload but Nina Shoroplova not only accepted the task of proofreading within a short timeframe but also her professional approach provided much confidence and motivation. im-coverI am truly grateful for not only her outstanding editing work but the sense and understanding she brought to the project and her efficiency in completing the task in time and without any challenges.

“Nina is a seasoned professional and I will have no hesitation to call upon her for any future project.”