Tara McIntosh

As I worked with Tara on her book, Fire Wife: Standing Strong in Your Relationship, Your Life, and Your Dreams, we formulated these words, because they described her raison d’être for writing: to support all fire wives.

Fire men and women train for insurmountable hours on the job in rope rescue and hazmat, giving their lives over to perfect strangers every day, but not a single minute is devoted to the stresses and the pressures they and their spouses will feel once they devote their life to the fire department.

This missing piece in the life of a fire family–support for the spouse–is the piece that Tara writes about.

I was so grateful to have Nina Shoroplova edit my book. As a first-time author, I was nervous about handing my book over to someone, but not only is Nina positive and encouraging, she is honest, detailed, and thoughtfully thorough in her editing. I always appreciated her suggestions not to mention her enthusiasm! Nina is beyond professional and I have to say, she is the best of the best.

I hope to work with you again soon!

Thanks, Tara. In the process of working with you, I learned a tremendous amount about the challenges of supporting a first responder and so much more about your generous approach to that essential role.