Two Decisions

Writing a book starts with making two decisions.

First decision: I’m going to write a book.

Second decision: At the moment, I don’t know what I’m going to write about and I am ready to receive ideas for my book.

At that moment, our mind, which connects our human brain with our spiritual Self, turns the dial to “ready to receive.” Then we can get on with our day, carrying water, chopping wood.

At some moment, usually when we least expect it and our human brain (our subconscious mind) is occupied with driving the car or washing pots and pans or making the bed, in comes a complete idea. Our “book” is fully formed in that moment. We can see it all clearly.

We play around with it, throw it up in the air, see if it bounces, watch where it bounces, and observe how far it rolls. Then we take out pen and paper or we open our laptop and we write down some words and we start developing this idea that arrived in an instant.

If the idea seems worthy and approachable, we spend more and more time with it and eventually, after hours and hours and even hundreds of hours rolling out this idea, we might have the first draft of our book. Our creation.

We have been the channel to receive and to ground the instantaneous idea into a form for its communication. The idea forms 5 percent of the process. Writing it out is the 95 percent.

Are you ready to make the first decision?

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