Presentations and Interviews

This is a list of those of my presentations that are still available for viewing online.

Seeing Your Manuscript through the Eyes of an Editor. Author and Book Editor, Nina Shoroplova, presents, “Seeing Your Manuscript through the Eyes of an Editor” to the BC Branch of Canadian Authors Association. Thursday, January 6, 2022.

Tree Talks and Walks – Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Keith Blackmore and Kuni Iwato film Nina Shoroplova, author of Legacy of Trees: Purposeful Wandering in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, as she leads the way through the wonders of cherry blossoms at Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada. April 8, 2021

Your Life with Trees with Nina Shoroplova. Robert Moss, Dream Shaman, presents the recording of our interview on August 11, 2020: “Nina is a lover of trees, and celebrates the amazingly rich and varied world of trees in her beloved Stanley Park in Vancouver in a beautiful new book, Legacy of Trees: Purposeful Wandering in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. Her introduction, tracking her life with trees, is a splendid example of how we can map our soul journey through this world in connection with the natural world around us. Courtesy of Nina and her publisher, you can read it  HERE it at the Robert Moss Blog.

262 CBJ- Purposeful Wandering with Nina Shoroplova. Careers by Jenn: “If you love trees and especially love Stanley Park in Vancouver, you won’t want to miss this interview! Author, historian, editor and tree enthusiast Nina Shoroplova shares her wisdom and insight in this conversation about career paths that on the surface seem to wander. She also talks about her latest book about the beautiful trees of Vancouver’s Stanley Park and all the ways in which a person could train for a career to work with trees.”

Nina Shoroplova Launches Legacy of Trees. This is 49thShelf’s promotion of my book, Legacy of Trees: Purposeful Wandering in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, when Heritage House published it in what became our adjustment to the pandemic of Covid-19, in June 2020.

104 CDP: Raising Your Self-Awareness Breath by Breath: One Day at a Time. Communication Diva Jenn Swanson interviews Nina Shoroplova, author of Trust the Mystery: Questions, Quotes and Quantum Wisdom. “Nina offers listeners 13 ways to live life more fully by deepening self-awareness bit by bit, breath by breath, one day at a time.”