Merryl Hammond

I have published books before—five through conventional publishers and several self-published. But never have I benefited from such professional editing work, so expeditiously executed, and so surprisingly affordable. As a perfectionist by nature, I truly appreciated Nina’s consistency, organization, and attention to detail. Long may her “beady eye” serve us all!

For those living with bipolar, supporting a family member, or treating the disorder, navigating the journey can be unpredictable and often heartbreaking.

The anthology’s 42 powerful and poignant contributions are divided into three parts:

  1. Reflections by people living with bipolar disorder
  2. Reflections by family members
  3. Contributions by health and other professionals

Navigating Bipolar Country: Personal and Professional Perspectives on Living with Bipolar Disorder is an edited anthology of personal testimonies that takes you on a bumpy ride deep into bipolar country.

These candid essays will captivate, educate, and inspire you. And help fight the stigma against bipolar disorder and all mental illnesses.

The editor, Merryl Hammond, PhD, herself has bipolar disorder and published a bestselling memoir, Mad Like Me: Travels in Bipolar Country, in 2018.

We’re launching the book on 30 March 2022, which is World Bipolar Day. Leading up to that date, we’re gathering editorial reviews and sending out advance review copies. All the contributors will email their contacts to promote the book, and those who have social media accounts will publicize their essays, and blog, vlog, do podcasts, and seek media coverage, and so on. We will do virtual (or in-person if the pandemic permits) library launches and book club visits.

Already, several people who contacted us too late to be included in this book have asked to be put on a list in case we ever decide to produce a second edition. Further Navigating Bipolar Country? Or Navigating Bipolar Country, Volume 2?