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Raising Your Self-Awareness Breath by Breath: One Day at a Time

Communication Diva Jennifer Swanson interviewed me for her 104th podcast: Raising Your Self-Awareness Breath by Breath: One Day at a Time. We had a great chat about the thirteen ways we can raise our self-awareness, from breathing consciously to taking a different route to get to work.

Jenn’s podcast is available on her website and on iTunes in the podcast section. I’ll save the podcast in my recordings page too.

I Am a Drop of Water

I expect that you too have heard stories that liken one drop of water existing in a vast ocean with the essence of a soul existing in the infinity of consciousness.

I have another story that runs along similar lines in which water stands for the energy of consciousness. I learned it this morning from my guides when I was waking up and still in the hypnopompic stage of sleeping (that’s when brief events occur between sleeping and waking). Let me tell it to you.

whelk_shell_mouldOne of my favourite pastimes read more

Preparing for 2016 through the Power of Questions

The week between Christmas Day on December 25th of one year and New Year’s Day on January 1st of the next is a week of great opportunities to reflect back and to plan forward, to review and to set goals.

I am always open to thinking about the importance of the seven major chakras of the body and to renew how I see them. This month, I have just finished reading Alberto Villoldo’s The Four Insights: Wisdom, Power, and Grace of the Earthkeepers. How did I not find this book earlier? read more

Advent Gifts

I sent out this press release to Vancouver media yesterday:

Vancouver, British Columbia, November 29, 2015—Local author Nina Shoroplova will be hiding 27 copies of her book Trust the Mystery: Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom in mysterious places around the lower mainland—one book for each day of Advent. She will start this on Sunday, November 29, the first day of Advent, the season leading up to Christmas.

These are “help yourself” copies on two counts because they’ll be “finders read more

My Typeset Is Complete

My book is “done.” In fact, it’s been a week since I signed off on the typeset. So, now, whatever I find out is wrong, or change my mind about, or discover more about, or dislike, I cannot change. This is it–this is the way it will appear in print.

And so, I can move on to think about the book launch(es), regular promotions, my next book, other people’s books that I’m editing, and vacationing.

Right now I’m in Europe on vacation. Today we fly from Bulgaria, where we’ve been visiting family, to Austria, a country that holds particular significance for both my husband and me. My father spent a year in Graz as town major after WWII. I spent my first holiday abroad in Austria learning to ski (not very well at that time). read more

Theatre of the Absurd and I Am Malala

The boyfriend of one of our cast who attended our play Rebel Women last night thought that it was a farce—a Theatre of the Absurd—when the curtains opened. Why? Because we were talking about a time when women did not have the vote. Being in his twenties, to him, this seemed utterly absurd. And yet, we don’t have to think too broadly to find countries where even today girls and women are not allowed to receive an education. And the same day, I receive an email from on behalf of Malala Yousafzai, the young woman who asks us to

Stand with me and the Nigerian girls: show the world we are #StrongerThan those who deny schoolgirls an education.

Malala Yousafzai is the same young Pakistani woman who has been nominated to receive a Nobel Peace Prize—”the first young person and first Pakistani to win this prize.”

In her own words:

Today, I was honoured to learn I will receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

I am proud I am the first young person and first Pakistani to win this prize. It is an honour I share with read more