Wonderful Author Clients in 2020

In the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, life sometimes slows down enough for me to look back on the year and see where I spent my time editing authors’ books. Here is a list of the books that occupied my mind and heart.

Richard Mowrey sent me three manuscripts: First, he wrote on the topic of evaluating a business for sale or merger: How Can I Increase the Value of MY BUSINESS? Turn Your Business Valuation into a Value-Building Blueprint. Then there was a script for a 49-minute free audio book, giving advice for corporate businesses. Third, he wrote Bounce Back: Survive and Thrive in a Business Crisis, to help businesses survive Covid-19.

Julie Maurer wrote Embracing the Unknown: One Woman’s Radical Decision to Turn Her Life Over to the Universe and the Amazing Transformation that Follows, in which she survives her husband’s suicide, and writes about her spiritual awakening and emotional healing.

April Lara’s book, Becoming Awesome! Life Lessons from the World’s Greatest Leaders, published in April 2020. We worked together in 2018 on the early development of her ideas. As the CEO of a high-risk youth program in Chicago Public Schools, she knows that leadership can be inspiring for both young and old.

Gerald R. Brown wrote North to Crying Rock: A Novel, in which people move north after a devastating earthquake ravages Vancouver, British Columbia. His book, which published in October 2020, was my foray this year into the land of fiction.

Darlene Parris Young wrote Unzipped: Chronicles of a Fashion Fit Model. This is the autobiography of a woman who became a model both on the runway and in the backrooms where the clothes are designed. Her nickname became “a coat hanger with a mouth.” Her book published in May 2020.

Judi Miller wrote Perfect: A Path to Love, Forgiveness, and Transformation. A woman overcomes fears of not fitting in, not being enough, faces upcoming uterine surgery for hemorrhaging fibroids, approaches healing alternatively, and connects with an energy healing practitioner. This is a story about past-life healing for the author, her mother, and the energy healer.

Tricia Croyle wrote Absolute Joy: A Journey Beyond Time to Nowhere. This is the third book by a Life Transformed Coach. It offers ways to connect with eleven sacred technologies of the absolute energy.

Zoltan Gross, PhD, wrote Changing Habits of Mind: A Brain-Based Theory of Psychotherapy. This book came in at the last minute for me to proofread the layout design. Dr. Gross is a psychotherapist in the US who has been practising long-term intensive psychotherapy with adults since 1954. At the age of 100, he continues to train psychotherapists in his innovative brain-based theory of personality. This book describes his theory, which provides a vocabulary for describing the dynamics of personality by integrating the mind with its body. Published by Routledge.

John Culnane wrote his autobiography: an Englishman who spent his life in a variety of careers: journalist, being conscripted into the US Army while living there, returning to Vietnam as a salesman, retiring in the south coast of England. Nine Lives and Counting: A Memoir of Adventure, Self-Discovery and Bouncing Back.

What a year! Congratulations, authors.