Timothy J. Doyle

Over the last eight years, I have worked with Tim Doyle on three books.

Tim Doyle is the author of a series of spiritual books.

How to Play the Game of Life is a series of spiritual teachings from The Golden Ones, who are the Co-Creator Gods and the administrators of Earth Spiritual Training School. These three books–Beginner Version, Intermediate Version, and Advanced Version–guide a person through their soul’s evolution path to Ascension. The purpose of life in this Spiritual Training School is to learn wisdom through trial and error. Wisdom is stored in the soul’s Subconscious Mind and Light Body. When a soul hears a truth, it resonates within their soul. By reading these books, the wisdom taught will resonate within the soul, avoiding the life experience of trial and error, and be stored in the soul’s Subconscious Mind and Light Body.

Nina’s recommended suggestions, guidance, and expertise brought life into these books. Her attention to detail and questions forced me to put more information and experience into the writings, which enhanced the books.

Nina’s expertise and knowledge were the reasons I pursued her assistance in writing these books. I was fortunate to cross paths with Nina many years ago when an associate wrote their book. For novice writers like me, I feel lucky to have found Nina and wholeheartedly recommend her to assist you or anyone wanting to enhance their writings. I always appreciate it, and I am thankful for Nina’s ability to enhance my writings.

Read more on Tim’s website, The Path to Oneness, about his ability to assist each of us in our day-to-day lives.