Nature Vancouver’s Photography Contest

I was truly grateful to have two of the ten photographs I submitted to Nature Vancouver’s 2021 Photography Content win second prizes. Well, I don’t think there’s an actual prize–it’s just the honour of the whole thing.

This one of a fly on a toadstool took second place in the Entomology and Spiders category. Ron Long, judge, described the photo as “visually very appealing,” which I certainly find encouraging.

I took this image on the one day of snow we had in Vancouver this past winter–on February 13. It took second place in the Other Natural History category. These two weeping willows are on the shore of Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park. Ron Long called this photo “successful,” which once again feels great.

If you want to take a look at all the photographs submitted, here is the full YouTube video of the 2021 Nature Vancouver Photograph Contest. If you like photographing nature in all its beauty, try your hand at the contest next year.

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