My Wonderful Clients in 2022

I am delighted and honoured to say that 2022 has been another busy year of editing books, my tenth year as a structural editor, substantive and stylistic editor, copy editor, and proofreader of layout design. Let me share with you some of my journey.

Kathy Ginn was a client of mine in 2021. She published her book, The Soul of Ethical Service: Seven Qualities to Embrace in Your Professional Healing Relationships, in June 2022. As a licensed massage therapist, Hakomi practitioner, end-of-life doula, teacher, and mentor, Kathy offers her rich, transformational, and multi-dimensional approach to ethics education throughout the US.

Merryl Hammond, PhD, published her anthology, Navigating Bipolar Country: Personal and Professional Perspectives on Living with Bipolar Disorder, in January 2022. I stepped in partway through the editing process in 2021. With forty-two contributing authors and a manuscript of over 120,000 words, this was a challenging and fascinating project.

Foresight: Unleashing the Power of Your Psychic Gifts to Predict the Future by David Knight was released on Amazon in September 2022. Living in England, David has been a guest speaker at various mind-body-spirit engagements across the UK.

Chris and Janet Attwood published Awakening the Amazing in You: How to Thrive in the Midst of Chaos in October 2022. This book is filled with life lessons written by its thirteen authors. Having copy edited Sue Shalley’s chapter—she is one of the thirteen—I did a final copy edit of the whole manuscript and followed it with proofreading the layout design. I love to see a book taking shape like this, piece by piece.

Rosalind Ferry released her book of short stories in November 2022: Dudu the Mongoose and Other Africa Stories: True Adventures of Growing Up with Animals in Kenya. What a joy for me to learn about a Kenyan childhood! Amazon recommends these stories for children aged eight to fourteen. Take a look on Amazon at the warm illustrations by Zizi Iryaspraha Subiyarta.

Roxanne Davies published The Blue Riviera: A Daughter’s Investigation in November 2022. Check out her simple-yet-ideal book website at Being a journalist, Roxanne researched the life and death of her Ukrainian-born mother from every angle and in every way. Coming at a time when the Ukraine is under attack, Roxanne’s book has tremendous relevance.

Juanita Vibert wrote a fictional Christmas story set in eastern Canada, Treasure In Saunders Hills. Published in early December 2022, it is holding third position in Christmas fiction on Amazon. I enjoy editing fictional content even though it is not my forte; this sojourn was delightful.

Ann S. Yabusaki, PhD, is a family therapist and psychologist with over thirty-five years’ experience. She has written a series of letters to her two grown children, expressing her personal struggles with parenting and inviting her readers to delve into their own parenting journeys. Haven’t all of us with offspring faced challenges! Look for her ebook, Letters from a Tiger Mom, in 2023.

Barb Grant is the “go-to” change manager in New Zealand for tricky large-scale business change delivery. She will be publishing her book, Change Management that Sticks: A Practical, People-Centred Approach, for High Buy-In and Meaningful Results, in 2023.

Colin Chenery is a professional member of the Australian Counselling Association. He will be publishing his book, The Six Circles of Awareness: Living Life Fully through Present Moment Awareness, in early 2023.

I completed the substantive editing and copy editing of Sue Dumais’s compilation of guest author chapters in late December. Look in early 2023 for the release of her book, We Are ALL Healers! Ordinary People with Extraordinary Intentions Will Heal the World. Sue leads a community of healers—ordinary people like you and me—on Heart Led Living.

Lisa Wilson’s book, Reclaim: The Gift of Emotional Abuse will be coming out in 2023. She is a full-time transformational coach, certified hypnotherapist, master practitioner of NLP, reiki master and teacher, and unity breath facilitator. Lisa shares “a tool kit of self-loving rituals” in her book, as well as ways to know “when it’s time to retreat into yourself to replenish your energies and regain clarity.”

Kathy Kwiatkowski is a licensed clinical professional counselor, certified hypnotherapist, quantum consciousness facilitator, and energy medicine practitioner located in Moscow, Idaho. She and I are mid-process with her manuscript for “Stand in Your Brilliance: A Transformative Guide to Overcome Life’s Challenges and Remember the Truth of Who You Are.” She reveals many ways in which her readers can learn to stand in their own brilliance. Her book will be published in 2023.

A gifted impromptu piano performer and composer is close to finding a traditional publisher for the radical revelations she has heard from a misunderstood, female biblical figure. Now that this pianist has launched her 2022 Christmas album of piano music, she is back to finalizing the details of her book manuscript. More from her, including her name, in 2023.

Gerald Brown and I have worked together since 2019. The first book was North to Crying Rock, a futuristic novel set in British Columbia. Then came Maria, an historical fiction about Maria Wait, a woman who deserves a place in Canada’s history, being a pivotal character in Canada’s democratic stance in the world. Now, Gerald has compiled a promising book of short stories. Not entirely factual, these vignettes have been inspired by his many decades on Earth. Despite facing the sort of setbacks that delay so many authors, Gerald is close to publishing.

What a joy to look back on 2022. Three anthologies, one fiction, one book for children, and ten nonfictions. Three manuscripts used UK English, six used Canadian English, and the rest used US English. And yes, each English is different! For most of these manuscripts, I used The Chicago Manual of Style; for several, the New Oxford Style Manual; and for one, Industry Canada’s Style Guide for Writers and Editors.

Thanks to each of you for challenging me throughout 2022. I now look forward to 2023 and all the treasures it promises. Happy writing, authors!