Jodee Prouse

I never set out to become an author. I am a sister. A wife. A mother. A friend. A neighbor. I am just like all of you, but I felt in my heart I had an important story to share and Nina helped make that dream a reality. Her kind, caring approach to every detail of the book editing process, including gently pushing me farther in my own story than I ever imagined, made it possible. I am forever grateful and can highly recommend her services.

This is not a partial glimpse of addiction—it is the whole story. It begins with a violent childhood that bonded two children together forever, perhaps setting the stage for what was to come. Jodee’s younger brother became an alcoholic. And she the sister of an alcoholic.

As he walked the thin line between life and death, she experienced gut-wrenching highs and lows, obsessively doing everything she could to get his life on track, and in the process sacrificing her own young children, marriage, career, and personal health. Her love for him and his dependence on her would last a lifetime and almost destroy them both.

Written with extreme candor, no shame, and in the hopes of helping other families get help for themselves as well as their loved ones, The Sun Is Gone sheds a bright, beaming light on the heartbreaking reality of the progression of alcoholism and the impact unresolved childhood trauma and family secrets have on recovery.

Jodee is a speaker and an outspoken advocate for the shame and stigma surrounding addiction and mental health. She is the author of the powerful memoir, The Sun is Gone: A Sister Lost in Secrets, Shame and Addiction and How I Broke Free. She is honest in speaking of her own mental health struggles after a nervous breakdown at 48 when everything became too much.

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“I’m so glad I could be of help, Jodee!”