Andrea Courey

Andrea Courey is a Canadian client for whom I provided writing advice, structural editing, stylistic editing, and copy editing. She is currently finding a US publisher.
Conversations with Chloe: A Mother and Daughter Dialog across the Veil is an intimate conversation that began April 1st, 2016, between Andrea and her daughter Chloe, six weeks after Chloe’s death on February 18th, 2016.
Begun as a simple letter from a mother to a daughter to help deal with the loss, the first words of Chloe’s response—”Mom, you are so easy to find it’s a joke”—jolted Andrea out of grief and onto a journey of healing, wonder, and knowing that there is only life after life.
Version 2This conversation, which took place over five months, reveals truths about the afterlife, the power of apology and forgiveness, and the reality that only the physical body is discarded. The soul lives, thrives, is close by, and ever loving.
I met Nina in the spring of 2016, just after finally agreeing to publicly tell the near-death experience I had 25 years earlier. Nina listened intently and with such non-judgement, simplicity, and attentiveness that she was immediately my first choice to be the editor of my book, Conversations with Chloe, a book about an uncommon dialog with my daughter Chloe that took place after her death.
Nina worked swiftly and with great professionalism. We didn’t always agree on every edit. Sometimes we went her way; sometimes we went mine; but she always had the finesse to know when to insist on a certain structure and when to let go of the rules.
I really enjoyed working with Nina and look forward to doing so again with my second book. Her sensitivity to the subject matter made the whole process so fluid and easy. This was actually a big surprise to me as I had always envisioned writing a book as a difficult, tedious process. Not so. With Nina’s insightful advice and editing prowess, I finished writing the book in five months and we completed the editing in three.
Thank you, Nina.