Wonderful Authors in 2019

With 2019 winding down, I am looking back on another year of writing books and editing other people’s books. It has been a great way to spend the year and it’s now a joy to look back at some of the books I worked on that have been published in 2019. Congratulations to all! Your books are inspiring.

For two, I provided some last-minute copy editing:

For three, I first edited, and then provided typesetting services; not my thing. I will stick to editing (and writing, of course) from here on!

For seven, I provided full editorial services.

A flash fiction story of mine, “Sombreness Sunlit,” was included in a beautiful anthology on Canada’s Group of Seven, edited by Karen Schauber. My story was nominated for The Journey Prize that was announced in August 2020. The Group of Seven Reimagined became the silver medallist of the Miramichi Reader’s “the very best” book awards in 2020

I have written two books that are coming out in 2020:

I send you end-of-year blessings and wish for you that writing will be a joy, now and always.