About Nina

I’ve come full circle and am spiralling onward and upwards. For me, life has been all about healing and writing, writing and healing. And, as someone recently commented, reinventing myself.

Photograph by Silmara Emde

My first career at the end of the 1960s was in the human health field as a physiotherapist, training in Wales and working in England. When I immigrated to Canada as a physio, and later married, I became a writer—an author of a non-fiction book about the ranch I had moved to. For eight years, I researched and wrote Cattle Ranch, the history of Douglas Lake Cattle Company, Canada’s largest cattle company (half a million acres for a wintering herd of 10,000 head of cattle). The book was a Canadian best seller and a finalist in the Eaton’s book award of 1979.

I have been editing books since 2013, and nowadays I work on a contract basis with the author. My editorial services include structural editing, substantive editing, copy editing, and proofreading. Being well versed in the fields of alternative healing modalities, Western healing, spiritual and soul growth and counselling, psychic and spiritual arts, the near-death experience, other spiritually transformative events, metaphysics, and holistic nutrition, I edit the manuscripts of authors who are raising human consciousness. I have also edited financial texts, novels, art books, and books on brain health and psychotherapy.

In between writing and traditionally publishing Cattle Ranch and Legacy of Trees, my most recent publication, I have been raising a family, growing food, preserving and cooking food, and writing about food, including how it is grown and raised. I have written and self-published four books, two on self-awareness and two on becoming an author. I have been training in many alternative healing modalities. I have been performing as a singer, musician, and actor; I’ve directed a few performances—a hat show in Washington State, several Christmas pageants and children’s plays in British Columbia, and a music hall when I lived on the land in Australia for five years. In 2006, I started building websites. And I am enjoying life.

Photograph by Silmara Emde

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Nina Shoroplova