Mehrnaz Massoudi

In Never without Love, Mehrnaz Massoudi presents a deeply personal account of her fascinating childhood growing up in magical Tehran, Iran during the Shah’s rein. She records the many reasons why she had to escape her beloved homeland after the Iranian revolution and why life away from Iran was so painful. This autobiography is for the millions of readers eager to become familiar with Iran’s charms and challenges. Now, there is an intimate narrative that explains why Iranians feel both compelled and reluctant to leave their homeland.
Having lived through revolution and war, Massoudi leaves her beloved home Iran with only two suitcases of her belonging. She escapes a tyrant regime of the clerics of Iran with her beloved man, Sia, only to find out that another war was waiting for her in the country of peace, Canada. Her inner war against her body image (she suffered third-degree burns aged four) has led her into abusive relationships. mehrnazMassoudi takes her readers through a labyrinth of being guided by many spiritual teachers including her Sufi great aunt and the Sufi love poets, Hafiz and Rumi. At the centre of the labyrinth, Massoudi finds the peace she has sought. As she makes her way back to the beginning, she hopes her story inspires readers to rise again and again. She knows that it is only in the darkness that we can see bright stars!
This story is about a young woman who left her wealthy lifestyle and started a new life in Canada only to suffer years of financial hardship and heart break, but she never allowed the dark times to take her dance away. This book is her dance and will make readers want to dance again, laugh again, and eat again with love because that is what you do when you reside in the Palace of Love.
Here is her testimonial about the work we did together.
“I searched a long time for a precise and a trusted editor, until a friend of mine, a spiritual teacher, recommended Nina Shoroplova. After Nina read of couple of the chapters of my book, she gave me an estimate for how much her fee would be for editing my full manuscript. We agreed upon her fee and she started her work on my manuscript.
“When I read the edited version of my manuscript, not only had Nina done an amazing job of copyediting, but she also added a magnificent flow to my manuscript. Nina informed that her actual fee was much less than her estimated fee. I would have been delighted to pay her the estimated fee, but she told me it took her less time than she had estimated.
“Nina is an example of the ‘Beauty of Humanity’!
“Later on, Nina helped me with creating outline chapters for my manuscript, and also a book proposal. I had felt overwhelmed when I was asked by a publisher to send a book proposal, but Nina made the process of writing the book proposal clear and smooth.
“I highly recommend Nina Shoroplova’s editing services.
“Abundant Blessings,
“Mehrnaz Massoudi”
Mehrnaz has two more books coming out soon.
Here is a link to Mehrnaz’s website: Mehrnaz Massoudi.