Carol Ann Arnim

Here’s a testimonial from Carol Ann Arnim, a client for my editing services.
“For anyone in a quandary over your manuscript, I highly recommend Nina’s expertise. Initially, you may not like what she has to say, but allow yourself to stay open.
“At aroundArnim-frontcover_80 138,700 words, my initial manuscript was far too long. Nina gently and persistently encouraged me to downsize it. My manuscript was precious in all of its length, yet I endeavoured to, as she said, ‘put on the reader’s hat,’ resulting in surprising myself.
“With her guidance, I condensed it in record speed by over 40,000 words. As a result, the end manuscript proved to achieve my desired goal of becoming a page-turning book to the end.
“Thank you, Nina, for your professional, determined focus and your invaluable ‘eagle eye’ attention to detail.”
Thanks, Carol Ann.
Carol Ann Arnim, author of Tapping on the Wings of Angels: A Journal of Spiritual Synchronicity and Messages from the Other Side.