Are you thinking of starting a new business, a job title? Are you changing your business name, your tag line, your URL, your website?

Are you wondering whether your personal name is helping or hindering you from reaching your full potential?

This would be a great time to check whether the name you’re planning to use will actually draw the life you want, because our current name—whether it’s our personal name or the title of our book or our job description title—moves our message out into the world … carried in the letters of the names.

Our names are our spiritual calling cards.

I offer a service that explains whether these names are carrying the right messages – Naming Numerology.

Naming Numerology is based on the number values of the specific letters in the name or URL you are considering. It uses the Chaldean (pronounced kal-dee-un)-Hebrew Numerology chart for calculating these names and for interpreting the numbers back into resonance in the world.

And it’s very powerful.

“This is a great service you provide – life changing!”
JZ Bown, Health & Ascension Facilitator
Medical Intuitive, ThetaHealer, Dr. TCM Dip.

Naming Numerology for Business Usage
Let me give you some examples so you can understand the power of this work. A job title of “Executive Director” resonates with someone who is free and flexible enough to make speculative changes. “Managing Director,” on the other hand, signifies someone who will be able to move forward with her goals quickly, but she will accumulate dangerous enemies.

If you’re wondering what to call your assistants in the kitchen of your restaurant, “under chef” suggests someone who makes a lot of mistakes and is able to learn from them, but is likely to be lonely. The French term “sous chef” denotes someone who is going to be very creative, but also suffers from loneliness and isolation. “Assistant chef” is a great improvement on both these terms. This term describes someone who is friendly with staff and public alike and is able to accomplish the restaurant’s creations efficiently and fast.

What a difference in results, all of it based on a job description.

Download this form to consider your business name options: Naming Numerology for Business Usage. Please fill it out, scan it, and email it back to me.

Naming Numerology for Current Personal Name
On a personal level, many people have challenging current names, names that create blocks and hurdles between them and the accomplishment of their vision and mission. Merely by changing their name by even one letter (for example, going from “Sonia Patterson” to “Sonia Patteson”), a person’s life can improve wondrously.

Such change is not easy to accomplish across the board, but it is definitely worth it.

Another way we can strengthen our current name is by using one spelling of it consistently everywhere and not resorting to several versions.

For instance, a fictitious woman called “Sage Allison Howard” could become a Spiritual Magician, but only if she chose to use all three names everywhere, in the way that Sarah Jessica Parker does. Not easy!

If she were to drop “Allison,” she would still have a fortunate name, but as an Instant Manifester, not as a Spiritual Magician.

However, if she were to choose to introduce herself and sign herself as “Sage A. Howard”—using her middle initial everywhere as Michael J. Fox does—she would bring herself bad luck in the form of hidden dangers and even treachery from others.

And if at work her email became, she would become a long-suffering victim; a far better choice for her would be to use

If Sage used these three varieties of her name, it would be as though she had three identities with several of them being quite challenging. Confusing and detrimental.

Download this form to consider your current personal name options: Naming Numerology for Current Personal Name.

How many names would you like me to read?

If you’re interested in finding out whether your current personal name and/or your business name(s) resonate with success, please fill out the appropriate form(s), scan it and return it to me by email. Once I receive your payment and your form, I will joyfully work on your request.