Spiraling Self-Awareness

Spiraling Self-Awareness: Personal Mission Revealed in 27 Days through Pythagorean Numerology’s Partnership with the 9-Chakra System is an ebook that grows readers’ awareness of their uniqueness by engaging with the book’s exercises over twenty-seven days.
Journaling their progress will reveal what they are passionate about and will reveal the mission through which they will express that passion.
Self-awareness is an essential tool to increase our success in the world. Self-awareness is a simple tool to employ—through intention, it can grow every day. Self-awareness allows us to live fuller, more abundant, and more rewarding lives.
Spiraling Self-Awareness uses the wisdom that comes to us through the resonance of partnering the nine-chakra system with Pythagorean Numerology. The ebook also includes material about several cards in the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. Word etymology brings more light to bear on the material discussed.
I explain the process of writing the book and the elements involved in publishing it in this blog post.
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This ebook went live on January 25 on Kindle.