Aaron Solly

Aaron Solly is the author of Engage Connect Grow: 52 Lessons to Guide Individuals & Corporate Teams to the Heart of What Truly Matters to Them. He can be reached at Engage Coaching Group.

Are you at a point in your life where you are ready to commit to seeing your life challenges differently? Perhaps you are struggling with performance at work or maybe you are not sure how to handle a difficult situation. Maybe there is something you need to communicate and you are not sure how. This self-guide format is designed to help you get serious about what is really going on in your life and at work. You can take one step each week for a year to move closer to your life’s intention or goal(s).

It is very important for corporate teams to work together in a professional and productive manner. This workbook includes exercises that corporate teams can complete together to help improve teamwork, employee engagement, and success overall.

“As a new self-published author, I gradually began to realize I couldn’t do it all on my own.

“I had all my ideas down on paper; however, I wasn’t fully aware how to bring it all together in a professional way that would appeal to my target audience. Also, I knew editing was not my strong suit.

“Nina’s attention to detail and knowledge about the industry was so valuable throughout the editing process. I had ideas about the format of my book and she was great at informing me along the way as to how best to structure my book based on industry standards plus how to bring awareness to the reader’s perspective.

“Overall, I am extremely happy with the final version of my book. The extra time, effort, and investment in Nina’s services gave me a book that I am proud of, and I know it will help readers venture into new territory when it comes to their own personal growth.”