Bobbie Merrill

This is Makua Beach on Oahu, Hawaii, where Bobbie Merrill’s family lived when she was born. This was where she first met with the Hawaii spinner dolphins (Stenella longirostris). She describes the many occasions she swam with and learned from these dolphins in her recently published book, Compelling Conversations with Dolphins and Whales in the Wild: Vital Lessons for Living in Joy and Healing Our World.

This describes Bobbie’s book:

“We are living today in a bruised and bloodied world, filled with uncertainty. Each evening the news brings grim realities and dark predictions for a bleak future. But author Bobbie Merrill has given us a shelter in the storm by offering us hope for the coming years with tales from beneath the sea.

          “The book is a delightful compilation of her adventures with dolphins and whales, some funny, some sweet, all enlightening. Raised in Hawaii, Ms. Merrill spent the bulk of her childhood on its beaches, swimming and surfing in the Pacific Ocean, and collecting saltwater lore. As an adult, she met with the other beings in the water, and her life changed.

          “Readers will laugh out loud at her initial attempts to connect with this fascinating world, and find respite in her intimations that we are all part of a great life force. She then goes on to prove that loving communication with the intelligent and friendly dolphins can truly soothe the soul and possibly even save our species.

          “Compelling Conversations with Dolphins and Whales in the Wild is an enlightening, healing journey through a magical world, as told by an entrancing storyteller. You will thank the author for a truly captivating read.”

Bobbie Merrill, author of Compelling Conversations with Dolphins and Whales in the Wild

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Here are Bobbie’s plans for the future:

“As a result of my eighty years in this world, I have an expansive array of friends and contacts. I will spend time reaching out to these people over a period of time, while also posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest … as well as offering to do Podcasts and interviews.

               “I will also reach out to libraries, who made me a bestseller with my first book (due to receiving a Library Journal Review for it). And I will contact bookstores, climate activists, and politicians as well as spiritual and personal growth leaders interested in creating a better world.”

Thank you, Bobbie Merrill, for adding your wisdom to the world.