Wrasma Marketing

Wrasma Marketing is my indie publishing imprint.

The bow and arrow icon in the banner  represents faith, hope, and love, the three virtues that last forever. The greatest of these is love. Pulling back the bow is an action of faith; watching it travel to its target is an action of hope; the target itself is love. My services as an author & book editor bring you—my readers and you the authors whose books I edit—closer to love through faith and hope.

You’ll notice that the logo is a mixture of teal and purple, two of my favourite colours. Teal, on the green side of a mixture of blue and green, represents open communication and clarity of thought. According to colour psychology, blue expresses calm, gentle, serene feelings, while green symbolizes growth, strength and spirit. Purple is a mixture of red and blue and it represents both stability and the future, imagination, inspiration, magic, and mystery. Together, these energies represent my goals as an author & book editor.

From Trust the Mystery: Raising Self-Awareness through Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom (2nd edition) comes this explanation of the acronym Wrasma.

About ten years ago, in an effort to recognize my path at the time, I took a piece of paper and wrote on it all the activities, all the actions that I did and enjoyed. Then I took the first letters of each of the words that remained on the page after I had crossed off some of the less favorite ones; I had twelve letters left. I moved them around as though I were trying for the fifty-point bonus in a game of Scrabble®. I came up with a word that made some sense to me: Wrasmadascle. I pronounced it raz-ma ‘dazzle. At the time, I wanted to shine a little more brightly, so the sound of dazzle really appealed. I was honoring Marianne Williamson’s appeal for each of us to recognize how great our potential is.
I registered Wrasmadascle in British Columbia’s registry of companies as a single entrepreneurship. Some years later, because I found that my customers could not pronounce the word (I was selling natural products online at the time), I shortened the name to Wrasma. The acronym still described six of my favorite roles and activities: writer, researcher, author, singer, musician, and actor.

I trust you’ll spot this logo for my indie publishing imprint on the lower left-hand corner of my upcoming books: Spiraling Self-Awareness: Personal Mission Revealed in 27 Days through Pythagorean Numerology’s Partnership with the 9-Chakra System and Trust the Mystery: Raising Self-Awareness through Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom (2nd edition).