Sue Dumais

For Sue Dumais, authorship is just one bow in her quiver. As the founder of the Heart Led Living Global Community, she is an intuitive life coach who gives from her heart. She’s a trainer, a speaker, and a blogger. And she has just created The Heart Led Living Foundation to extend love and healing energy as well as emotional and financial support to empower mothers, uplift families, and inspire communities. I attended some free weekly Awakening Your Intuitive Heart Meditations led by Sue and can attest that she is tuned in at a very deep level. When she offers them again, be sure to accept her offer.

I was proud to be the editor for Sue’s book, Heart Led Living ~ When Hard Work Becomes Heart Work.

Nina is a miracle worker when it comes to editing books. Not only does she work her magic with words but Nina also has a gift of seeing the big picture. She has a deep intuitive understanding of what she can do to support the book to grow wings.

My book would not be the book it is today without her feedback and beautiful guidance. I look forward to having Nina edit my next book when it decides to take fruition.

Book Synopsis
This heartfelt book will empower you to heal the burdens of your past, embrace the truth that life’s challenges are designed to awaken your soul, and embrace a new perspective that whatever you go through you grow through.
Sue Dumais shares her courageous story of self-discovery and personal transformation. After years of searching for meaning in her life, Sue had a spiritual awakening and realized her life’s purpose. With deep clarity in knowing that she had found her calling, Sue made a conscious choice to embrace her gift as an intuitive healer. Today she inspires audiences all around the world to realize the truth that their life matters!
Filled with transformative stories, insights, and tools, Heart Led Living will inspire you to trust your intuition, lead with your heart, and discover your YES! for life!