Karren-Lee Raymond

It’s always a thrill to edit the book of someone who lives in a different country, because then I see a topic I probably know something about, but from a different vantage point. It was that way when I worked with Karren-Lee Raymond on her book, Processed Food Addict: Is This Me? Why You Can’t Stop Eating Junk Food and How to Permanently Break the Cycle of Yo-Yo Dieting, Bingeing, and Starving.

Here’s how she described the fun we had.

Hello, I wrote a book approximately two years ago now. My vision was to publish it, put it on Amazon, and “see how I go.” Nothing more, nothing less.

Well, what a journey I have been on.  This book was edited and formatted in Australia, which I learned was not going to really cut it on a global scale. Then, I was put in touch with an angel. That may sound airy-fairy to you, however, miracles occur when one is thrust into the mainstream of “God’s” plans for this world, which is way beyond their ability to accomplish, and yet, here I was, still pleading with God to “use me.”  This is when miracles are released. That is when up above sends angels, individuals, and courage, coupled with the resources I needed for such a miracle to occur. Nina was that angel.

I’m blushing!

The final cover for Karren-Lee’s book

Her professionalism, patience, sincerity, understanding, trustworthiness, and wisdom are qualities that only skim the surface when I contemplate my experience working with Nina. Her passion, intuition, and work ethic are second to none. Nina is certainly fulfilling her blessed gifts and purpose in the literary editing field whilst also keeping her own dreams alive as a successful author in her right. I was honoured and privileged to work with you, Nina, and I look forward to our continued journey.

Me too, Karren-Lee.

May you too be so blessed to work with Nina on your upcoming manuscript, and I wish you every success that comes along your way on your journey with Nina.

Karren-Lee Raymond, PhD, ISAM CSAM-SMCA CHI ASAM,
clinical director of Karren-Lee Addictionology, an expanding addictions practice

And with that, Nina, for the last time for book #1, I say, “Thank you.”

I say, thank you back to you, Karren-Lee.