Two Haikus

Patricia Hawkins Hiss and I used to sing together in the Vancouver Bach Choir. A wordsmith and craftswoman, she writes haikus about trees.

In spring, trees wear gowns

Of primavera green lace

And soft silk sunshine

And here’s another.

Wearing new sweaters

Mustard, saffron, and crimson

Trees celebrate fall.

Finding Comfort in an Aspen

Narda Pitkethly is the founder and CEO of the Nardagani Reading Program and author of Nardagani: A Memoir – Finding Light in the Shadow of a Brother’s Disappearance. Here is the thought she offered me when I asked her to reflect on her feelings about trees.

I decide to go out on our back deck to talk with my favorite tree. She is a tall aspen. Often I see faces in the curves of her branches with her heart-shaped leaves as eyes. The tree and her many faces often comfort me.

Another Quote from Adina

Adina Arden Cooper describes herself as a mental health counsellor, life coach, and creative entrepreneur. She works in Nashville, North Carolina, and offers her advice for those who are stressed.

If you feel stressed or overwhelmed, go for a walk in the woods, amble through a garden, plant some flowers, or simply sit beside a tree. I promise you will feel a stronger sense of peace and contentment as a result.