Mockup of My Book Cover

In order to get my book into the fall catalog for the book buyers, I worked with my publisher a week or so ago to create the mockup of my book cover. Here it is – Hubert Dumont took the photograph and Marla Thompson created the cover design.TtM_cover_300x450
I was on that very beach when our friend Hubert took that photo. We were walking along a wooden boardwalk when we realized we were following and being followed by about fifteen novice nuns. As we got out our cameras, one of the nuns said, in English, “Don’t you know it’s a sin to photograph a nun?”
Of course, I realized she was teasing us. But even so, I put my camera away and I missed capturing this amazing moment myself. Thanks, Hubert, for doing the honours and for sharing the gift!

This is the mystery in practice.

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