What Is Your Unique and Rich Story?

Now that the manuscript for my second book—Trust the Mystery—has been edited and proofread and is with Influence Publishing‘s typesetter ready to be typeset, I have time to start offering advice on getting  going as a writer.
My specialty area is coaching and editing longer works, such as books (50,000 words to 80,000 words). Are you planning on writing a book?
What is your unique and rich story?
Fact? Fiction? What genre?
What audience do you want to reach?
What is your message?
Have you started writing?
If you haven’t, when do you plan to start?
If you have started writing, how is the process going for you?
Drop me a line to let me know if you’re interested in my coaching services and we can discuss what’s happening for you. I would love to help. Email Nina at Nina Shoroplova dot ca.

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