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Lemon is an amazing fruit. Even though its pH is acidic (between 2 and 3), it alkalizes the body. In fact, if it’s the only food in my gut, it will be absorbed directly into my liver, helping that brilliant organ to detoxify and filter my blood of all intruders, organic and otherwise! And it will get my kidneys going too: it’s a diuretic.

I can hear you asking, “How can a food that is acidic alkalize the body?”

It’s because it contains potassium (124 g per 100 g lemon juice) read more

Water ~ a Whole Food

Pure, filtered water is the greatest change agent available to my body on a daily basis. That’s because it’s

  • involved in all bodily functions
  • the solvent in which all actions and reactions take place
  • a component of all bodily fluids – blood, lymph, spinal fluid, mucous, urine
  • necessary for transporting electrolytes around the body
  • the body is between 60% and 70% water
  • with good hydration, the digestive system functions well; the urinary tract stays clear; the skin is luminous; eyes are bright; and sleep is better
  • and lots more.

Water is an essential ingredient in the process of creating energy in the human body, when large molecules that I have eaten in my diet are broken apart in a process called hydrolysis – a word that literally means breaking down through the use of water. In this process, energy is created.

If I want more energy, I drink more water, and my aim is to drink ½ an ounce of pure, filtered read more