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I’m Going to a Mahvellous Partay – Do Join Me!

I’m Going to a Mahvellous Partay at Jericho Arts Centre – do join me! It’s the United Players‘ current production of Hay Fever, by Noel Coward.

Coward was a cool and cultured classic (1899 to 1973) who set his elegant and deliciously witty lyrics to such singable melodies as “Mad About the Boy.” These days, I’m mad about the boy’s music – Coward’s that is! It must have something to do read more

Clara’s Backstory

“Clara” is the name of the character I am currently playing in the United Players‘ current production of Hay Fever at Jericho Arts Centre. Here’s is “Clara’s” backstory.

I was born in Cardiff Royal Infirmary in 1867, the last and most scrawny of Thomas and Nesta Thomas’s three daughters: Morag, Eirian, and Clara. I lived with my Mam and Dad at 11 Whitchurch Street and they worked in Cardiff Market selling fresh vegetables and some fruit grown in the read more

United Players’ Hay Fever Opens on Friday

Community Theatre has always been one of my major hobbies. I am drawn to trying on the cloak of different characters – the wife who can’t get her head around a suitcase full of money her husband has “found”; the maid whose sister is returning from America as the fiancee of my employer’s son; the spinster who gets a proposal; the mother of the attractive debutante.

This fall, in Noel Coward‘s Hay Fever, read more

Hay Fever and TED Talks

I’m currently in rehearsal for Hay Fever by Noel Coward; the United Players of Vancouver is putting it on at Jericho Arts Centre, opening on September 2.

Anyhow, at a rehearsal the other day, a few of us in the cast were chatting about some of the TED talks we love. Have you ever spent a couple of hours browsing through TED’s wonderful “Ideas Worth Spreading”? There are so many that are totally brilliant.

How about this talk by J.K. Rowling – her commencement speech read more