Monthly Archives: March 2020


It’s hot. Humid. My face was bright red and beaded with sweat when I came back from my errand at the edge of town. I had to walk further than I had planned because the first bridge across the canal was closed at both entrances—I had to take the second bridge and walk back to the stationery store via the tourist stalls.

I’ve cooled off now. And the Frappe Nutella will cool me even more. I’m in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero State, Mexico.

Café Caracol has three small tables, each with two ladder read more

My Shadow Stands Its Ground

I remember how it was as though it was yesterday: My shadow is long as it stretches over the sand. It’s early morning. The chairs and chaise longues are not out on the sand yet.

Waves come in, washing away sand and leaves and bubbles left by the previous wave. My shadow stretches ahead over the sand, long and lean.

The dog approaches. He stands in the waves. Then he jumps this way and that.

Where’s his owner? I look around. No one is paying him any attention.

No collar.

He comes closer. He’s read more

Responding to the Coronavirus

It’s early March. Our friends emailed that they’d cancelled their flight to Toronto scheduled for April.

I stood behind someone in the pharmacy who had bought about twenty bottles of hand sanitizer.

Christian went out and bought us masks (expensive ones) and disinfecting wipes.

We didn’t use the masks; hardly anyone in the airport had them on. But the minute we reached our seats in the airplane, we pulled out the wipes and started wiping down the arm rests, the tray table (open and shut), the read more