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The Standing Ones

This is what Dhiana Sage of Presence Wisdom offered for her admiration of trees.

Trees are the standing ones. Deeply rooted in the substance of earth, trees don’t move. Trees weather all that arises; they bow to the wind; they grow in the Light and the Night.

Great teachers, trees know and show us the way home to our inner Tree. As students returning to the Tree of Life, may we be rooted in the earth, reach to the sky uninhibited and free, befriend our neighbours as ourselves, and stand humbly read more

The Appeal of a Real Tree

Kathy Oaks is the author of Homeschoolers Are Not Hermits: A Practical Guide to Raising Smart, Confident, and Socially Connected Kids. She has plenty of opportunity to observe home-schooled children.

It doesn’t matter that our big yard has a play structure and a climbing dome, the kids never get tired of climbing in the sugar maple tree. There’s something about a real tree that captures the imagination and challenges both the brain and the body.

Trees Make Gail Brown Feel More Vital

While I was getting Legacy of Trees ready for editing prior to reaching out to traditional publishers, I asked my friends how they felt about trees. Here is what my friend Gail Brown had to say. She used to live in Vancouver’s West End, near Stanley Park, as I still do.

Motivation to walk for physical fitness became walks for my mental and emotional well-being. I thrived on those trails where I was surrounded and embraced by trees. Huge trees, small trees, big bushy trees, sculpted trees, read more