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“The more we trust the mystery, the closer we align with our true nature”

Trust the Mystery couples engaging storytelling with provocative quotes and questions to inspire my readers into observing and reflecting on their own life with greater awareness. The process starts to reveal our purpose. How we respond from our own inner divine wisdom interprets our experiences of living in this world; this affects our consciousness and our awareness of where we are on our path.

As you read my stories, your growing awareness becomes a garment you wear more easily, shifting your read more

My Authors

mehrnazI talk with friends about “my authors”; these are the people whose books I edit. It’s amazing how well I get to know these authors and I deeply value my relationship with them.
For that reason, I have a page on this website linking to dedicated pages for each of them. There I show their image, an image of their book cover if their book has been published, a description of their book, a link to their website, and any testimonial they’ve given me.
Check out the page of links at Authors Whose Books I’ve Edited.
This is a new service I’m providing, so if I’ve edited your book in some way, even if it was only through proofreading or production editing, please send me material that I can add to this site.
Here is a page for one of my most recent authors: Mehrnaz Massoudi and here is her website: Mehrnaz Massoudi.

Hiding under Cushions and Elsewhere

Here are the last few clues as we move through the Twelve Days of Christmas.SAM_8445

Do you recognize this open shelving area for magazines etc. in the West End?

And here, in my favourite $ store.SAM_8446

And finally, for this post anyhow, two in the church I attend, both under cushions.


Please let me know if you’re successful in finding one of these free, help-yourself Advent (and now, Twelves Days of Christmas) copies of Trust the Mystery: Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom. That will make all the subterfuge worthwhile!

Four More

Four more copies of Trust the Mystery are hiding inside piles of books, piles of magazines, shelves of books, and one has now probably left the front stage at Bridge & Enrich, where it was placed after a lovely concert on December 19.
This time, you get only two photos for the four books. It’s getting harder!
Have you ever heard of Sir Harry Burrard-Neale, 2nd Baronet, of Walhampton (1765–1840)? Apparently, Captain George Vancouver gave this baronet’s name to Burrard Inlet, though he called it Burrard’s Canal.
#22And now we have Burrard Street and Burrard Peninsula, Burrard federal electoral district, Vancouver-Burrard, a provincial electoral district, Burrard Station SkyTrain station, Burrard Dry Dock Shipyards in North Vancouver, and Burrard Indian Band.
The location that both these photos were taken is either on or just off Burrard Street. Do you recognize this free library? Or these waiting room chairs?
And the fourth one in this group is hiding somewhere in the Vancouver Art Gallery, nestled between books about one of my favourite Group of Seven artists. How’s that for a good hint!
It might still be there. Go, take a look.

In Plain View

Do you know this tea cosy? It’s up in Kamloops. One finders-keepers Advent copy of Trust the Mystery was left here a day or so ago, so it might not still be here. Who found it?IMG_0287
And don’t bank on this one still being at the ATM.Kamloops_combo
Thanks to family who live in Kamloops, these free copies of my book are gracing someone’s bookshelves.
Think of them as early Christmas gifts!

Sunshine Coast, Kamloops, and Vancouver

indexThanks to family, copies #12, #13, #14, and #15 will pop up on the Sunshine Coast and in Kamloops in the next while. So there’ll be more clues about them later.

#17Meanwhile, three more finders-keepers copies of Trust the Mystery: Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom are hiding in Vancouver, two in the West End and one where the height of land is marked by oak trees. And don’t you think that there should always be presents under a tree?

blockWell, there’s one in this block and, hay, another in a wood stand with a band view.#16

Well, that should do it for now. How’s the hunting going for your Advent gift?#18

Five More Clues for Advent Gifts for Adults

#7The seventh free copy of Trust the Mystery: Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom was found in no time, even as I was still in the space.
#9I had “hidden” it up in the balcony between one of the seats and the back wall in the Michael J. Fox Theatre in Burnaby.
The woman hired to clear the theatre of debris “found” it. Perhaps she is the one who needs it the most.
I had just performed there with the City Soul Choir, actually my first concert with them: “Never Give Up!”
#11So I decided not to give up and kept going – hiding more copies.
Here are the next four, muddled so you won’t know which clue goes with which book.
One’s in the open and then bookshelves and book baskets abound.
#10And Oliver and Lilly’s and Libby’s in the Park, but not in the park at all. I wonder if they serve fish?
When was the Battle of Hastings? 1066?
#8The books at VV Boutique are all pricy except one, and then, there’s a book on a shelf that’s going to get “moody” if no one spots it.