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Advent Gifts

I sent out this press release to Vancouver media yesterday:

Vancouver, British Columbia, November 29, 2015—Local author Nina Shoroplova will be hiding 27 copies of her book Trust the Mystery: Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom in mysterious places around the lower mainland—one book for each day of Advent. She will start this on Sunday, November 29, the first day of Advent, the season leading up to Christmas.

These are “help yourself” copies on two counts because they’ll be “finders read more

What Is Important Right Now?

I’m a juggler, usually with at least three or more balls in the air at once. I’m speaking figuratively, of course. I’m hopeless at real juggling, just like I am at running, though I did improve as a runner when I became a mother. Perhaps from chasing little people around! And of course, that’s how I learned my figurative juggling skills as well.

Because I’m always juggling (and you might be too), I have to keep focusing and refocusing on what is really important to read more

My almost-unique surname – Shoroplova

There are only three women in the world with the surname Shoroplova—my sister-in-law, my niece, and me. And no men. My husband is Bulgarian and in Bulgaria, women add a letter “a” to their surname to denote their gender. It’s a Slavic thing.

In this, the promotional phase of authoring Trust the Mystery: Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom, having an almost-unique surname makes it very easy to track all the online links to my activities through Google. I google my surname and—boom!—Google says, “About 1,500 results (0.34 seconds).” Then I can look at those links and find new ways to promote my book, through speaking engagements, book reading opportunities, interviews, and book reviews.

For instance, yesterday I noticed read more

My Ranking Is Improving Again

If you’re a new author, be sure to check the ranking of your book every day.

I do, because Amazon adjusts the rankings every hour and yours might change direction, even after going down.

The publication day for Trust the Mystery was September 7, 2015, and the highest it has risen since then was two days later on September 9. Wow—69 in Chakras!

Here’s the screenshot.

Since September 9, my book has been going down in’s ranking algorithm, from 142,201 until read more

Alan Twigg is the “publisher and webservant” of BC Bookworld

Are you aware of the wonderful service that Alan Twigg, “publisher and webservant” of BC Bookworld does in maintaining a database of all British Columbia authors – all 11,120 of us? He does it to “spread awareness of the literary activity in British Columbia, Canada’s province with the highest per capita book reading rate in the country.”alantwigg_bcbookworld

I just sent him an email so he can add my book Trust the Mystery to my entry.

If you’re an author and you’re read more

What’s Next?

I’m now into the fourth stage of “writing” a book: promoting it.

The first stage is acknowledging that an idea is book worthy. The second stage is fleshing out that idea and writing, rewriting, and revising that idea until the final draft of the manuscript (MS) is saved. The third stage is everything to do with publishing the book: finding a publisher, having a professional editor edit the MS, having the MS proofread and typeset, having the typeset production edited, choosing read more

Signing and Singing at the Trust the Mystery Book Launch

I’ve received a shipment of my book and my new favourite thing is signing copies of it. Here, I’m preparing for my book launch, signing copies of my book in advance. SigningTtM This photo is from the afternoon of my book launch, Sunday, September 13. The event went wonderfully with about a hundred people circulating through Metro Theatre – the lobby, the auditorium, the lounge and bar upstairs. Nina_waiting_to_sign_small I had invited eight of other Influence Publishing authors to join me and, before the program, they were selling their books in front of the stage. Then, in ones, twos, and threes, they joined me onstage to discuss some of the aspects of their books that I find so fascinating that I included them in my book. IP_authors_sell_books Here, Eugenea is discussing her book, Adoption Not An Option, and Marilyn R. Wilson dsicusses hers, Life Outside the Box. Below, Janet Walmsley, author of Autistic Artist and Animator, explains the journey she and her daughter, Jenny Story (sitting on Janet’s right), have gone through to deal with autism.Janet&Jenny By the end of the afternoon, we were all singing with the 8 Enders. 21415507802_a7d9d76ef6_o