My Typeset Is Complete

My book is “done.” In fact, it’s been a week since I signed off on the typeset. So, now, whatever I find out is wrong, or change my mind about, or discover more about, or dislike, I cannot change. This is it–this is the way it will appear in print.

And so, I can move on to think about the book launch(es), regular promotions, my next book, other people’s books that I’m editing, and vacationing.

Right now I’m in Europe on vacation. Today we fly from Bulgaria, where we’ve been visiting family, to Austria, a country that holds particular significance for both my husband and me. My father spent a year in Graz as town major after WWII. I spent my first holiday abroad in Austria learning to ski (not very well at that time). And my husband spent six months outside Vienna waiting to emigrate to Canada.

We plan to see the sights and the sites, to enjoy the culture, and drink lots of Viennese coffee and hot chocolate.

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