I’m “Featured”!

Joan Bryans of Vital Sparks Theatre Company wrote this yesterday on Vital Sparks’ Facebook page,Fanny_B-K_small

Featured REBEL WOMEN actor of the day: Nina Shoroplova who plays the delightfully dotty Fanny Bovvington-Keye, as well as the East End toughy Mrs. Payne, housewife and bootmaker.

Our show is Rebel Women, a play about the Suffragette Movement in England and the incredible hardships those women suffered to ensure we are able to vote and have a say in the happenings of our lives.
Our director and the playwright Joan Bryans puts a book in the lobby for audience members to write in what they think about the play. Here is a comment from last night’s performance:

“The powerful subject matter was brilliantly portrayed by talented actors, supported by authentic costuming, fabulous choreography, awesome lighting, and amazing direction. Be proud, be very proud all. Well done.”

We are in Presentation House in North Vancouver for the rest of the week, including a matinee on Sunday at 2:00 p.m. And then we’ll be in Metro Theatre in Marpole in South Vancouver until November 1.
Do come and see us!

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