Stream-of-Consciousness Writing

I began using stream-of-consciousness writing many years ago, to get in touch with my own wisdom. Julia Cameron’s The Vein of Gold: A Journey to Your Creative Heart, copyright 1996, got me going in that discipline. Cameron utilizes the process as “morning pages,” to find out what’s going on and to tap into our deepest creativity.

These days, I am using this type of non-judgmental writing in a more expansive way any time of the day as a way to focus my beliefs, understanding, and knowledge in a particular direction. We’re talking handwriting rather than keyboarding, which is a different experience altogether.

This is visioning work – the role of our third eye chakra. It’s trying to see the whole of the forest rather than the individual trees. It’s looking down the path to see if there are any branches in the way or if it’s okay to take the next steps.

For instance, this morning I wrote three and a half pages in answer to the question: “Why am I drawn to doing intuitive work?” And some of the answers to that question will make their way to my professional website: Whole Health on Purpose.

About a week ago, I used the process to create a list of the tasks I have to complete before my new business is really ready to launch. Okay, you’ll say, why not just write a list? Well, that might work alright too, but writing a list involves linear thinking and I want to approach the task in a more inclusive way, so stream-of-consciousness writing was the choice.

If you’ve never tried this method of writing, try it. You’ll discover something about yourself that you didn’t know before. The rules are simple:

  • sit down at a table or desk where you’ll have no distractions;
  • be prepared to handwrite 3 pages minimum with a smoothly flowing pen;
  • take off your critical editorial hat and put it behind you where it can’t be seen;
  • just write and write and don’t criticize;
  • if nothing comes to mind, write anyway, even if it’s just about the colour of the curtains;
  • when you’ve finished handwriting 3 pages, read what you’ve written, still with no editing, put it aside and get on with something else;
  • later, take a look at what you wrote, reuse whatever gems you’ve uncovered, and promise yourself that you’ll some more about that gem tomorrow.

Working with our sixth chakra is one of those important/not urgent tasks that is easy to put off. Engage your third eye today in some activity that takes you closer to your vision.

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