What Is Important Right Now?

I’m a juggler, usually with at least three or more balls in the air at once. I’m speaking figuratively, of course. I’m hopeless at real juggling, just like I am at running, though I did improve as a runner when I became a mother. Perhaps from chasing little people around! And of course, that’s how I learned my figurative juggling skills as well.

Because I’m always juggling (and you might be too), I have to keep focusing and refocusing on what is really important to do, right now. So I ask myself questions—quantum wisdom style—and create lists and do mind maps and keep a diary and more. But the best is asking questions.

nina_silmaraMy biggest focus at the moment is preparing for shooting a video to promote Trust the Mystery: Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom. We’ve set up the shoot dates and what to film and now I just have to write and practise the script. My videography team comprises Curtis Emde, “full-time teacher and part-time tripod wrangler,” and Silmara Albi, photographer. This married couple has done some very charming photofilms together, like the Change Ringers of Vancouver. This is what I want, something simple that gives me a chance to describe my book, and how and why I think it can take its readers on a really important journey.

And there are other balls in the air. Practising songs for the City Soul Choir concert on December 5, preparing songs with the 8 Enders band to entertain some people who volunteer at a care home in Richmond, writing my next book, meeting with author clients, sending out my newsletter, keeping this website fresh.

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I tried to put aside writing my next book, but it refuses to be put aside. Friends kept suggesting books and introducing me to people with pertinent ideas. And then I joined the Canadian Authors Association as a professional author and I joined a local CAA writers circle. One of the benefits of being a member of this writers circle is that the other authors will critique writing submissions. So, of course, I can’t turn down that offer. Together, we comprise a team of accomplished beta readers.

This third book refers to the moments of grace that come into people’s lives without our asking for them. It accepts the truth of reincarnation and the eternal nature of our consciousness. It will enhance our current life’s meaning from commonplace and mundane to that of a sacred gift, an invaluable opportunity for us to grow spiritually. It will acknowledge the pre-planned place and time that our birth and our death and the births and deaths of those we love have in our lives. It will bring death back from its sanitized and sensationalized positions in our psyche to being the doorway and connection to spirit that it truly is. It will bring life back from its mechanistic place of everyday routines to its rightful place of wonder and awe.

I have enough of my own stories to create the heart of this third book, but I would like to broaden its reach by including other people’s stories.

Do you have such a story you’d be willing to share, a personal story that is tinged in any way with grace? These might be spiritually transformative experiences, out-of-body experiences, after-death communications, near-death experiences, paranormal events, and more.

If you do, please contact me by email.

So, what is important to you right now?

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