If you’re a person of habit, then that suggests a certain constancy, regularity, an equilibrium, even to the point of being stuck. Habits are great, in that they allow us to accomplish some of the less inspiring life tasks such as showering or walking without engaging our actual presence. But then again, what is so uninspiring about taking a shower or walking?

So what habit would be helpful? Checking you have your keys before you go out. Remembering to charge your cell phone before it runs down. Looking in the fridge before going shopping. Making sure regular purchases are added to a list as soon as you’re close to running out. Locking your front door.

Being present for everything else we do is actually very fulfilling, keeping us in the moment when we talk with others, when we scan our email list, when we set out, or arrive home.

I’m sure habits work really well as filters to cut back on the myriad decisions we might have to face each day otherwise, but for now I’m going to examine some of my habits and make sure they’re serving me well.

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