Karin Plato’s July Jazz Summit

I’ve been immersed in learning to sing Jazz with Karin Plato since Wednesday and I’m shedding layers of classical vocal training and dropping gestures from musical theatre. Right now, I’m feeling rather raw, so anything can happen this evening!

Come by the Cottage Bistro on Main Street for two hours of fabulous jazz with Karin and friends tonight at 8 p.m. We’re going to … step out with our funny valentines, dance cheek to cheek, and give a dollar for a dime on the sunny side of the street, ’cause we’re just lucky so and sos!

Saturday July 26
The Cottage Bistro
4470 Main Street
Karin in performance with  July Jazz Summit Vocalists
Featuring  Jillian Lebeck (piano), Adam Thomas (bass) Bill Coon (guitar)
8 PM

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