Julian of Norwich

“Sin is inevitable,
But all shall be well,
And all shall be well,
And all manner of thing shall be well.”

This is probably the anchorite Mother Julian of Norwich’s most famous quote. And here are two more of her poetic promises, brought into modern English by Ralph Milton in his book, The Essence of Julian. This one is from page 66:

“Truth sees God;
wisdom perceives God,
and from these two comes a third,
the holy, wondering delight in God,
which is love.
Wherever there is truth and wisdom, there we will find God.
For God is endless truth
and supreme wisdom,
a love that is uncreated.
We are created by God, with the same divine qualities as God.
And in our soul we do what we were created for.
We see God;
we think about God;
we love God.
Therefore God rejoices in us
and we rejoice in God.”

And finally, page 94:

you will be taken away from your pain,
from all your sickness,
from all your depression,
from all of your fear.
And you will come up to me,
and our reunion will be your reward.
You will be filled with love and happiness.
There will be no more pain,
no more unhappiness, no more depression.
You will have joy and happiness without end.”

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