Toning and Chanting for World Peace is Just Five Days Away!

I’m so thrilled that I have been able to connect with two other Vancouver graduates from Jonathan Goldman’s Sound Healing Intensive and they are able to come to my “Toning and Chanting for World Peace” event this Saturday, September 21, at 1:30 in the Labyrinth in the St. Paul’s Anglican Church Hall.

One of these lovely sound healers is Brigitta Rabold of Swiss Spiritual Healing & Coaching; the other is Jollean Wingrave. Come and meet these wonderful healers and learn about that place deep inside yourself where your sound can heal you.

wheel-of-year-500We will sit around the Wheel of the Year that is displayed here. It’s made of shells and angels, candles and crystals.

As the resonant tones of antique 7-metal Tibetan bowls (aka “standing bells“) and  bells, and other instruments blend and interweave their sounds until they marry, we will walk the labyrinth, listening with our mind, and hearing with our ears and hearts.

Read more about this event here.

Nina, holistic healer

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