Murder on the Nile

Murder        Mystery           Metro
Opening this week
Agatha Christie’s
Murder on the Nile
Opens Friday Feb 16 running through March 16
Board a paddle steamer on the Nile, meet an interesting mixture of characters from all walks of life, witness violent death and multiple suspects….

Murder on the Nile is sure to live up to fans’ expectations!
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Murder on the Nile
Imagine the dismay of Simon Mostyn and his new bride, the fabulously wealthy heiress, Kay Ridgeway, when they begin part of their honeymoon journey down the Nile, to discover that one of their fellow passengers is none other than Jacqueline de Severac, the girl Simon had thrown over to marry Kay! What better basis for a plot than the “eternal triangle”?

Director, Alison Schamberger, has assembled a strong cast some of whom, like Harry Seddon ( Canon Pennnefather) and Nina Shoroplova  ( Miss ffolliot-ffoulkes ) are very familiar and much loved by Metro audiences. Joining them are Joel D. Montgrand  (fresh from his recent success in Lend Me a Tenor, playing Simon), Ivo Cervicek ( coming back after a long absence from the stage to play Dr Bessner) and newcomers, Lucas Simon ( the Steward), Emily Nadeau ( Christina), Greg Radzimowski ( Smith), Marie Farsi (Louise), Julia Fox (Kay), and Breann Grainger (Jacqueline).

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