Evidence of the Afterlife

Dr. Jeffrey Long is a radiation oncologist who began researching near-death experiences (NDEs) after he came across his first reference to the term in a medical journal in 1984. Being an enterprising and curious man, a scientific researcher by nature, he built a website – NDERF.org and developed an “NDE Questionnaire form” to solicit descriptions of NDEs directly from near-death experiencers (NDErs). His website now shares over 2000 NDE stories, many of them in their original English, some of them translated into English, and more available in their non-English original language.

Dr. Long has recently (2010) published his findings from these years of research: Evidence of the Afterlife: Science of Near-Death Experiences with HarperCollins, in which he provides such evidence in nine areas of NDEs: lucid death; out of body; blind sight; impossibly conscious; perfect playback; family reunion; from the mouths of babes; worldwide consistency; and changed lives.

The “changed lives” aspect is what has always drawn me to the NDE literature. That, to me, is the biggest proof that they are real events. And the incredible part is that they are life-changing whether we experience them personally or just read about or listen to them.

Give yourself the gift of having NDEs change your life – read Dr. Long’s book if you’re somewhat skeptical. If you already know you are a spiritual being temporarily inhabiting a physical body just for the experience, then read some of the stories.

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