A Month of Sundays

Rod Steiger stars in this movie – A Month of Sundays – that swings between being a bit far-fetched and being well done. It’s about a grandfather who makes a promise to his wife that before he dies he will find their runaway son (now in his 30s or 40s). The interesting part in this movie for me is whether Grandpa made this promise to his wife when she was alive (she died four years earlier) or after she had transitioned to the other side; although he doesn’t mention her appearance to his family, he’s been seeing and talking to his dead wife fairly regularly and his promise is still unfulfilled when the movie begins.

This is a movie about the love within a family that can bridge both this world and the next. It’s also about the interesting relationships that shift and change within families.

There are several kinds of after-death communication (ADC) experienced in this movie by Rod Steiger’s character. Some of them are dream communications and others are full appearances, according to my interpretation of Hello From Heaven!, a book that’s based on informal research that Bill Guggenheim and Judy Guggenheim carried out between 1988 and 1995 in preparation for writing a book about ADCs. It’s synchronistic, as always, that I borrowed A Month of Sundays from the library the same week that I bought Hello From Heaven! in a secondhand bookstore.

But then, I always look for meaning in synchronicities. And I always find the meaning.

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