So Many Senses

I’ve just finished reading a lovely book by Raymond Moody called Glimpses of Eternity (© 2010 by Raymond Moody R., MD, PhD and Paul Perry; published by Guideposts).

In the last chapter, Moody lists all our senses and this is a list I want to capture.

First in the 3rd Century BC, Aristotle (according to Moody) listed our five basic senses:

  • sight
  • touch
  • taste
  • smell
  • hearing

Science has then expanded our touch sensation into

  • balance
  • pain
  • temperature difference
  • direction

and added

  • chemoreception (the ability to detect and respond to chemical change)
  • photoreception (the ability of nerve cells in the eye to turn light into images)

Dr. Moody then adds our supernatural senses

  • telepathy
  • clairvoyance
  • remote viewing
  • astral projection
  • spontaneous out-of-body experiences

To this list of extra-sensory perceptions, I would add

  • clairaudience – hearing other than through one’s ears
  • claircognition – knowing something that is not knowable
  • clairgustatory – tasting something that isn’t in one’s mouth
  • clairolfactory – smelling something that isn’t there
  • clairsentience – feeling a touch when nothing is touching
  • visioning – seeing a vision that is not viewable through one’s physical eyes

What a fabulous list of senses!

I can personally attest to having had a clairolfactory experience, when I smelled the scent of roses after having a healing session. When I learned that the only rose in the room was the artificial one on a shelf, I was certain that rose oil had been spilled in the room. It hadn’t!


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