Happy New Year

Everything’s new again, including you and me. Happy New Year in 2012. May you receive all you expect for yourself.

As I look forward to the year ahead, I am also appreciating my own growth in 2011, especially through the new work I am doing as a holistic healer. This past year has been very exciting.

My many clients have been very special to me, because they have invited me/allowed me to know who they are at soul level, entrusting me to carry out an Initial Soul Profile and Clearing or a space clearing or a relationship reading and clearing on their behalf. I have built my website – Whole Health on Purpose – to display the many readings I now offer and I’m especially thrilled with the beautiful testimonials I have received.

Here is a set of affirmations that will benefit each of us as we move into 2012.

Dear Divine Source, All That Is,

Help me to align with Divine Love by knowing and loving myself as a unique expression of Divine Spirit, experiencing the challenges of life on Earth in a physical body. Help me to accept the challenges I face, whether in my relationship with myself and others, my work or career situations, or my ability to achieve my goals, by appreciating that these are challenges I set myself even before I incarnated into this lifetime; they are also the opportunities through which I can grow.

Help me to align with Divine Light, by wondering about the meaning of life and by seeing the Light in others. Help me to utilize my intuition and my faith in my own Higher Self while making decisions that cannot be made only through logic and rational thinking.

Help me to align with Divine Truth by knowing that each of us can stand in our own unique Truth and that Divine Source accepts all perspectives, all approaches, and all choices.

Help me to align with Divine Abundance by always seeing the glass half full and by seeing the opportunity that each situation presents. Help me to see and know the gift of the present moment. Help me to know and engage with the abundance of love, joy, and peace that is available to each of us at any time that we choose to be aware of it. Help me to be aware of my abundant gifts that are mine to share with others to increase the abundance that is everywhere.

Help me to align with Divine Power so that I know I have free will at all times to make choices that align me fully with my highest path and purpose. Help me to know that, if I do not like the consequences I am living through, I am a free agent to make new choices that will reap the consequences I desire. 

I wish you all you wish for yourself in 2012. May Divine Source shower you with love, light, truth, abundance, and power, and may you grow into the exquisiteness of who you came here to be. Here’s to an increasing awareness of love, light, laughter, and learning in your life in 2012.


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