Bless Leone – Jewellery Designer/Redesigner

I just came home from a delightful jewellery party at a friend’s, where we took along necklaces, earrings, etc. that we liked but didn’t wear any more, either because they were not working for us any more or because they never worked in the first place. And Bless Leone, jewellery designer/redesigner, remade the pieces into things that did work. For instance, I took along a couple of necklaces I liked – both bronzey metal chains holding together small amethyst-coloured beads. Bless unclipped one of the two necklaces in a couple of places, added a fluorite pendant that our hostess was giving away, tweezered everything together and – ta-da! – a brand new gorgeous necklace that I wore home.

She even helped us understand our particular style – chic, classic, sweet – by what we already wear with what.

Bless is full of ideas and fashion sense. She knows what’s in – such as feathers – and what looks good with what – scarves to lengthen a bead necklace. Offer to host a party! Bless will make it worth your while and you’ll have a blast.

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