Edgar Cayce and Atlantis

Edgar Cayce’s readings contain several references to … Atlantean temples and to the priestesses who lived and worked in them…. Cayce tells us that priestesses used symbols and signs, numbers, astrology, astronomy, ritual, and plants as well as music to help their patients overcome their physical problems and to advance their spiritual development.

Lemuria and Atlantis: Studying the Past to Survive the Future by Shirley Andrews, Llewellyn Publications, © 2004 Shirley Andrews, page 85.

Edgar Cayce portrays the Atlanteans as a ‘thought people, those of an intuitive influence.’ How did they get this way? They focused on developing their children’s natural skills, such as their intuitive instincts, and respected their insights and dreams. The life-style of the early Lemurians and Atlanteans gave them the opportunity to retain and develop their natural psychic skills, for they did not have the numerous distractions of a materialistic society and were always in close touch with their natural environment. As adults, some of them developed tremendous discipline of the mind and dedicated their lives to applying the knowledge they acquired…. Incense, crystals, symbols, and particular sounds facilitated meditation and enabled our ancestors to penetrate the darkness and more easily access the energy and wisdom of the universe.

Ibid, page 210.

Between 1901 and his death in 1945, Edgar Cayce, the famous medical intuitive-when-under-trance, gave over 14,000 readings, referring frequently to past lives. Shirley Andrews, author of Lemuria and Atlantis (© 2004) says that 700 of those previous incarnations took place in Atlantis and, by poring over Cayce’s readings, she has gleaned much about both of these land masses that seem to be part of our early Earth history.

Cayce was perfectly consistent in his data, and no one has found any contradictory statements of dates or events in his information on any subject. His data is always consistent with more conventional reports with which he could not have been familiar. In addition, scientists and scholars are slowly confirming Cayce’s descriptions of geography and incidents in prehistory.

Ibid, page 232.

I’ve read several books on Atlantis and Lemuria, and find Shirley Andrews‘ research to be the most thorough and the most convincing.

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