A Unique Gift

We, the cast of United Players‘ current production of Hay Fever, chose a really personal and unique thank you gift for our director, William B. Davis. We had Lavi Liao, graphic designer and illustrator render a photograph of William and his then-fiancée Emmanuelle into a drawing. The reason we chose an original drawing of William and Emmanuelle is because Hay Fever opens with one of the characters – Simon – drawing caricatures. And Emmanuelle drew “Simon’s” images that we have been using on our set each run of the play.

Here is Lavi at work drawing our gift for William and Emmanuelle.

“Okay if I put them a bit closer?”

Lavi studies the photographs she will copy as she outlines the space she will use for the two images.

William’s eyes begin to take shape.

She smiles a little self-consciously as I point my camera her way – she’s comparing the photos with her rendering.

Pink for lips, gold for hair, green for a shirt – colours bring the sketch to life.

From ordering tea to walking out with a completed drawing, the whole event took about an hour. And the best part was that William Davis was clearly thrilled when he accepted our cast gift on opening night.

Come and see how William Davis directed Hay Fever – this United Players‘ production is on for another two weeks at Jericho Arts Centre.

Nina Shoroplova, photographer and actor.

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